And we made a snow globe.

If you can’t quite make it out, it’s Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. 

(By the way, does it snow in Bethlehem? Send me a comment, I’ve always wondered.)

To make your own: 

1.  Buy tiny little ornaments and cut off the string.

2.  Put a glob of E-6000 (or the like) onto the bottom of a little ornament and carefully put it in the bottom of a clear plastic bulb with long needle nose pliers.  Repeat for each little piece. 

3.  Let that set for a good little while… like over night at least. 

4.  Fill the globe with distilled water, your choice of glitter and snow,  and a dallop of glycerin.

5.  With a big glob of E-6000, glue a button to the lid of the ornament, threading the loopy dealy through the holes on the button with the cap of the ornament attached.  This will help create a seal.  (So far, everyone in this house has shaken it with a vengence and it hasn’t leaked yet.)

6.  Let it dry overnight.

7.  Enjoy!!  Snowglobes are double fun when you’ve made it yourself!

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