Birthday Treat for the Class

It’s always a big hectic week when school starts.  Peyton’s birthday is usually on the first week of school.  That means a birthday treat.  This has advantages:  Something to be excited about for a little girl who doesn’t want to leave a happy summer.  And, disadvantages:  One more detail for mom to work on before school starts.

I like to try to set the pace with a healthy fun treat since we’re usually up first.  Fruit is always the “go to” food for fun and healthy.  Just got to dress it up a little to be convincing.  We usually make fruit kabobs.  This year I found these darling little cocktail forks at our local Meijer store.  Yahoo!!  Life just got a little easier.  Here’s the recipe:

1 pkg cocktail forks

1 pkg plastic cups






any various fruit

Premade fruit dip (optional)

Wash all fruits, and cut up as you wish.  Don’t leave out the pinapple.  The juice from the pinapple keeps your apples (and any bananas if you add that) from turning brown.  If you don’t use pinapple, you can dip your apples (or bananas) in soda pop to get the same protection.

Fill the cups with your fruit salad.  I did put a big rounded tablespoon of fruit dip in the bottom of each cup for a little added fun!

Print up a birthday sign to your hearts desire.  Here’s mine:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Cut the sign up into any shape.  I cut out a blast shapes on my Cricut since I just learned how to do that!

Put the cute little forks in the cup with the handle side down and attach the little birthday signs into the tines of the forks.  Voila!!  From healthy fruit salad to Fun Birthday Treat in minutes!

The kids loved the little forks and I heard that most of them took them home!

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2 Responses to Birthday Treat for the Class

  1. Welcome back to the blogging world… and you thought we would not notice your absense 😉
    Great post. I love how healthy these treats are and how delicious & fun they look. So fun in fact that I’d like to invite you to come link it up at our linky party at Hope to see you join in!

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